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When a bodybuilder is doing work outs for the purpose of having a diesel  muscled body, it is recommended to use supplements like Nitrocut, the best and most effective muscle building supplement of new 2012 upgrade with raspberry ketone. Nitrocut is effective in muscle building because it contains 4x combinations of nitric oxide boosters of 3000mg:

  • Arginine-Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • Arginine- Ketoisocaproate
  • L-Arginine Mononydrate
  • L-Citruline Mala


They are amino acids that all work to boost the production of nitro oxide in the human body hence contributing to the increase in the blood flow.  When blood flow increases, appropriate nutrients are delivered to the muscles. Apart from being nitro oxide boosters, each amino acid has its distinct function. L-Arginine serves as a natural cure for erectile dysfunction. Arginine Ketoisocaprate prevents muscle breakdown during intense work outs and advances muscle growth. Arginine-Alpha Ketogulatrate improves blood circulation through vasolidation. L-Citruline relaxes muscle cells.

Nitrocut ingredients also provides a user with vitamin supplements like Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 to keep him healthy while doing intense work outs. Americans need a supplement of Vitamin D3 because of the lack of supply of sunlight in most parts of North America. Vitamin D3 is essential to muscle builders because it enables nerves and muscle tissues to function well and prevents bone fractures. Vitamin B6 is essential in making amino acids hence it is very useful in the production of nitric oxide which is involved with amino acids. Vitamin B12 is an important source of body’s vigor and vitality hence it is used to reinforce nutritional supplements needed by persons doing work outs.  Vitamin B12 also contributes in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

The factors that make Nitrocut unique and very effective muscle building supplement are the extracts of natural herbs such as fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, eurycoma longfolia and avena sativa added to the supplement’s ingredients. Fenugreek reduces cholesterol hence it prevents a heart disease. Fenugreek is also rich in fiber thus it prevents colon cancer. Tribulus terrestris cures urinary tract infection and solves impotency problems. Eurycoma longfolia increases body vitality and decreases exhaustion, both helpful during heavy work outs. Avena Sativa relieves stress, lessens exhaustiveness, provides cure for impotency, helps in increasing blood flow and relaxes the brain and the nervous system.

All the important elements needed in muscle building are found in Nitrocut that is why within a month, the person taking the supplement begins to see his muscles developing into the form he desires.

Do Not Exceed more then 4 capsules a day, no matter what body shape or size. Drink plenty of water and keep your hydrated throughout the day.

The Priceless Benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements to Our Health


There is no denying that nitric oxide products are increasingly becoming popular bodybuilding products nowadays. This is no longer surprising since the benefits of nitric oxide supplements are spreading like wildfire in the market. Nitric oxide with a chemical formula NO is a form of gas that is produced in our body. It serves mainly as a neurotransmitter between nerve cells. Nitric oxide is produced when the enzyme group called nitric oxide synthase works with arginine amino acids. And through the process of vasodilatation, nitric oxide increases blood circulation.

The fact that nitric oxide supplements help in enhancing blood flow, it is then easy to conclude why many muscle builders and even athletes are very much interested in it. The benefits of nitric oxide begin when more nutrients are delivered into the muscles due to increased blood circulation. The ability of nitric oxide to reduce inflammation is additional wood that makes the fire bigger why numerous bodybuilders are looking for the best NO products. When muscles are extremely stressed due to heavy workouts, taking nitric oxide supplements will ease the pain.

With increased blood flow, blood clots and high blood pressures are also prevented. In relation to this, the widening of blood vessels prevents heart disease and unexpected strike of stroke. This is possible because nitric oxide protects the sensitive muscle tissue of the blood vessels from unsafe constriction. This allows blood to flow freely throughout the body with less pressure. With all these additional benefits of nitric oxide, there is no way you won’t take your chance.

Nitric oxide products have something to do with our endocrine system as well. When adrenaline and gonadotroptin are released with the help of nitric oxide, there is an increased of growth hormone. This occurrence is vital in improving the fertility of men while increasing their sexual drive and performance. And the story of nitric oxide benefits does not yet end here.

Nitric oxide supplements are also very helpful to individuals who want to reduce weight fast. Aside from it can remove arterial plaque by 50%, which also adds weigh to the body; nitric oxide is also capable of reducing the amount of fats and cholesterol in our body by 10% to 20%. This is achievable because of the antioxidant property found in nitric oxide.

Some say that we no longer need dietary supplements to supply our body with the needed nitric oxide because our body can produce enough of its own. While this is true to some extent, it must be considered that the level of nitric oxide in our body begins to decline when we grow older. This is generally because of the damage in the endothelial cells caused by high fat intake and sedentary lifestyle. While it is important to take good care of our health, using nitric oxide supplements will prove to be of great help most especially when you are doing some workouts.